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The global educational economy is being driven by sweeping demographic shifts and in the coming months teaching/tutoring jobs are projected to be one of the
fastest growing job sectors in the world.

Microschool.app was founded with a conviction that human-centered technology and innovation can address the current global social challenges—by enabling access to more efficient and affordable educational alternatives, and by facilitating quality jobs for the educational workforce. By doing so, we are creating an infrastructure that allows parents the freedom to integrate work and life, women to pursue more rewarding careers, teachers and tutors to achieve financial inclusion and stability, and decreased exposure to COVID and other flu related illnesses.

Microschool.app, LLC, was founded in 2020 on the understanding that quality education is both a fundamental human need and a key driver of economic growth and

When children receive quality education in their critical formative years, they are on a path to achievement and success. Women have
disproportionately shouldered caregiving and now educational responsibilities, but when they have supports in place that enable them to work, our economy grows and our world is better for it. It is predicted that when children are able to receive quality education, privately (in a non-traditional academic setting) COVID-19 & flu related illness numbers and healthcare costs will decline with fewer hospital stays. When we have a strong educational workforce – all these things are possible.

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Microschool.app’s aim is to offer a simple and easy way to enable families to find, supplement, and pay for their child’s education during this global pandemic, as well as provide employment opportunities for teachers and tutors who are no longer able to work in the traditional academic setting.

For families, our digital platform provides a simple, comprehensive solution for finding and supplementing their family’s educational needs this year.

For teachers/tutors, we provide a platform for finding high quality jobs that provide a safer work environment during COVID-19.

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